We give away gift wrapped, fun and colourful
socks that we call Joy Socks.

They are for people in hospitals, shelters, and charities far and wide who could use a smile.

Ways You Can Help


You donate the $$ and we purchase fun socks on your behalf.

Be a Joy Sock Collection Site

Collect socks and we’ll gift wrap and deliver them to one of our donation sites.

Joy Socks to the World

Collect socks or money and we’ll donate them on your company’s behalf at Christmas.

Jr. Joy Sock Ambassador Program

Kids grade 4-9 identify a fun and easy way to collect socks in their school or community and we will provide them with a positive and impactful leadership program.

Host a Sock Packing Party

Gather some friends and have some fun packing some socks in gift boxes.

Become a Joy Sock ‘Sole’dier

Join A Joyful army of people helping spread joy and help out when it suits you.

Contact Joy Socks

Phone: 403-616-0440
Email: info@joysocks.ca

Joy Socks is a benevolent organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Connect With Us

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Post a pic of your Joy Socked feet with the #joysocks.