I’ve always had a thing for fun socks…

…so I started sending them out to people who could use a smile and they would send back pics of their feet and say I love my ‘Joy Socks”. The name Joy Socks was born: any fun, colourful pair of socks is considered a pair of Joy Socks. They later started to send pics of the same goofy socks on hard days; they said they needed the extra boost or a jolt of courage.

When my 18 year old son had surgery to remove a dangerously located brain tumour in June of 2015, everyone who came to the hospital was wearing fun socks; Joy Socks. People all over north America were sending me messages and posting pics of their Joy Socks on social media, saying they were wearing ‘Joy Socks for Josh’.

Josh could barely even walk a couple days after his surgery and asked if I would put on his Joy Socks. It began to feel like they were laced with some extra strength and courage.

I wore Joy Socks to the hospital everyday. Patients and staff commented on them saying they wished that they had a pair. That sparked something. Within a month the Joy Sock Movement was born and we were distributing colourful socks to Ronald McDonald Houses across the province, later into hospitals, shelters and various other charities…we’ve given away thousands since.

Leona deVinne

sigLeona deVinne
Joy Socks Founder





Joy is found in the simplest of moments.

Socks remind us of the scientifically proven aspects of creating more joy.

  • Joy Socks remind us to be present and to be grounded in the moment; to be ‘where your feet are’. When the nurse mentioned they were concerned about my son I flashed back to my mom dying after the same surgery and I felt overwhelmed. The socks reminded me to be in that moment and not to rush ahead to worry about the future.
  • The goofy Joy socks always create a feeling of gratitude. Looking down at crazy socks always brings a smile. Grateful if for nothing else you’re rocking a great pair of socks.
  • Joy socks remind people to be genuine. Wear a great pair of socks that can express your own unique sense of you.  That’s Joy!
  • Joy Sock are all about generosity. Joy is increased by 30% when we do something for someone else. You should see the joy people get when they receive a gift wrapped pair of Joy Socks and double (almost) the fun for the person that gets to give out the socks!

If nothing else, even at the hardest times all we can do is keep moving forward, just one step at a time and when times are rough and days are dark, a joy full pair of socks seems to make moving forward a wee bit easier.

Joy isn’t always easy to come by and we miss out on it often by waiting for the big things.

Our Vision

We are committed to sparking joy for those that are struggling one pair of Joy Socks at a time.

Joy Socks is a value driven organization – you’ll see them in everything we do:

  • Stay Connected
  • Spread Joy
  • Live with Integrity
  • Have the largest Impact with the greatest ease
  • Playful and a little bit goofy
  • Trust and Transparency

“Thank you for the Joy Socks – I love them! I wear them on the hard days and they make me smile and remind me I can keep going, one step at a time.”

4th Stage Cancer Patient – Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Will you join me?

Life is precious and we are all here for a reason. As someone who shares my son’s condition and has over half a dozen tumours in my brain, spine and abdomen, I want to wring all the Joyful juice out of this life and spread joy to as many people as I can.