Jr. Joy Sock Ambassador Program

The G4orce Leadership Program for kids grade 4-9!


Each child, along with a friend of their choice will identify a fun and easy way to collect socks in their school or community.

Joy Socks supports the participants with a positive and impactful leadership program that includes the 4 ‘G’s of leadership and positive living.

We will address how to be more Genuine, Grounded, Generous and Grateful. We believe we all have something unique to contribute in the world and we want to help instil confidence in our Ambassadors that who they are and the unique gifts they possess make a difference.


Identify a way to collect the socks and get the word out-we will help the kids come up with ideas in the first session 1 hour session on Oct 7, 2017 at 1:00 pm-parents encouraged to attend

We will meet for 90 minutes: 4 times over the year to help them develop their leadership development and their Joy Sock drive.

Dates: 1st session Oct 7-1 hour (parents invited)
Dec 2, Feb 3, April 7 and June 2 from 1:00-2:30pm
Location: The Village 4039 Brentwood Road NW

We will also be bringing in local business and non profit leaders to share the story of how they became the leaders they are today and what steps they had to take to get to where they are, during the last portion of each meeting.

We hope this program will accelerate these budding leaders to have a big impact in the world, knowing that they possess specific gifts and talents and that they’re here to make a difference that only they can.

Every participant will receive a leadership certification upon completion of program.

If a child can not make it to each session – that’s ok ☺

If your child is interested, please let us know – spaces are limited!